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What is "New" about The New Covenant? When does it take effect? What are the terms of that Covenant? How does it differ from the Old Covenant ?

Revolutionize your Faith and turn your world upside down by understanding and living under Christ's New Covenant.

Purpose of this WikiEdit

This Wiki is designed to be a dynamic and growing storehouse of knowledge regarding the understanding of an issue that is central to the Christian Faith. It is also crucial in establishing any coherent interpretation of the Bible and understanding of biblical history.

In the Bible, there are two Covenants, and the Bible is divided into two parts: the Old Testament and the New Testament. Yet few understand the reason behind this, beyond some trite dismissal of the first 80% of the book as having been "done away with" or "nailed to the Cross".

The premise of this Wiki is that a correct understanding of the Bible and of the sweep of biblical history is impossible without first understanding clearly the distinction between the two Covenants found in scripture. And once this distinction is understood, misguided interpretations become apparent, and an exciting and consistent pattern of truth emerges from a book that most find dull at best and incomprehensible at worst.

This Wiki is NOT to be a place for heated debate, or for airing one's particular denominational views, or for one-upsmanship of how smart or knowledgeable you are. All these acts of ego disappear once one starts to live the reality of the New Covenant. Thus, only those able to act together as One Body, in heart and in mind, should contribute to this Wiki. You know who you are!

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